Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is about 1/5 the size of the US.
(SSFC, 10/9/05, Par p.27)
The Saudi population in 1998 was about 12 million. In 2006 it reached 23 million. The forecast for 2020 was 33 million.
(SFC, 5/23/98, p.A12)(Econ, 1/7/06, Survey p.12)
The capital is Riyadh. Sunni Muslims comprise the majority and Shiite Muslims are the minority and live mostly in impoverished villages in the oil-rich eastern part of the country.
(WSJ, 10/14/95, p.A-11)
Some 5,000 princes controlled all power and resources.
(WSJ, 11/12/03, p.A18)
Religious purity called for deceased non-Muslims to be sent abroad for internment.
(WSJ, 4/9/02, p.A1)
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